English Quick Guide

Welcome to 0dechet.com, which stands for 0waste in French. Until some pages get translated in English, here are a few hints on how you should use the Parisian Freecycle Yahoo! Group.

In the subject line, please use these keywords ONLY:

 English  French  Syntax  Example  Example 2
 GIVE  DONNE  DONNE object - location  DONNE chaise - Paris 20e  DONNE television - Duroc
 TAKEN  PARTI  PARTI object  PARTIE chaise  PARTI canapé
 WANTED  CHERCHE  CHERCHE object  CHERCHE chaise  CHERCHE television
 RECEIVED  REÇU  REÇU object  REÇU chaise  RECU television

You don't have to push yourself to use French if you don't speak the language: English will perfectly do. If your message is in english, the subject line might be translated to french by the moderators though.

Please note that, in case of a GIVE message, you must end the subject line with the location where the object is. The name of the nearby a metro station is perfect, eg: DONNE table - Odéon
Please, avoir using CAPS in the subject line, and don't put any phone number in the message body. In fewer words: keep it simple!
If your keyboard doesn't have accents, don't bother (or cut and paste from this liste è é à î ï ç É È À Î Ï Ç).

As a general rule, you can't send more than one WANTED every 2 weeks. We strongly recommend you GIVE something before you ask for stuff. If you come from some other Freecycle group abroad, please notify us: if you had given your stuff on the other group you may be allowed to ask for something immediatly.

Please have a look at the official manual, in english. Keep in mind that the Parisian rules are a little bit different, probably a little bit more flexible.

The group itself is hosted on Yahoo! Groups which is in English.

You can contact the moderators at the following email address: freecycleparis-owner@yahoogroups.com.